Why Take a Dog to The Groomer

Keeping your dog clean and groomed is important for its overall health and well-being. Today, our White House Animal Hospital vets will explain why you should take your dog to the groomer.

Professional Grooming VS At-Home Grooming:

There are many benefits to taking your dog into White House Animal Hospital for professional grooming. When you groom your dog at home, you may have a few limitations like not being able to lift your dog, or not having the proper tools.

A few benefits to the professional groomer are:

Groomers Will Fit into Your Schedule

We understand that you may find it difficult to fit grooming your dog yourself into your schedule. A great thing about groomers is that they are located locally, and you can drop your dog off, go about your business, and pick them up later.

You may even be able to utilize a grooming shop or in-house groomer at your doggie daycare or veterinarian’s office. 

Groomers Have the Proper Tools

A professional groomer will have the right scissors, brushes, various clippers, and even an adjustable grooming table to accommodate dogs of all sizes, things that the average dog owner doesn’t have at home. 

Your White House Animal Hospital groomer will also have the right shampoos for dogs with different conditions such as irritations, skin allergies, and fleas and ticks. Your groomer will also know the best way to trim and cut your pet to make them look its best! 

They Will Handle the Grosser Side of Grooming

Removing fleas or ticks, shampooing a muddy or skunk-sprayed dog, or cleaning anal glands is gross, and it is not something many of us would want to do. When you use a professional groomer’s services, they will handle tasks like this, so you don’t have to! 

Groomers are Well-Trained to Handle Dogs

If you have a dog that becomes anxious when they are groomed, it may need to be sedated for grooming. While this cannot be done at home, your local groomer can handle this task. Your groomer may also notice an unrecognized injury or lump and can bring it to your attention.

If you have physical limitations such as back pain that prevent you from lifting your dog, a professional groomer can prevent you from having to handle your pet for grooming.

How Often Does My Dog Need Grooming?

It is recommended that you have your dog professionally groomed once a month. The frequency will vary based on the breed, type of coat, and length of your dog’s coat. If you have a younger dog or a puppy, we recommend that your brush the dog more at home or have them more frequently groomed to desensitize them to being handled, so they are well-behaved at grooming sessions as they grow up.

Between grooming sessions, you can brush your dog once a week to help reduce shedding and prevent mats.

If you think it's time for your dog to come in for professional grooming, please contact White House vets today for an appointment.